Solar Power Grid

4pc K2 Energy 12V 7Ah LiFEPO4 Batteries for Solar Wind Power Grid Systems

4pc K2 Energy 12V 7Ah LiFEPO4 Batteries for Solar Wind Power Grid Systems

4pc K2 Energy 12V 7Ah LiFEPO4 Batteries for Solar Wind Power Grid Systems

Flashlight / Batteries / Bulbs. FRS / 2-Way Radio Batteries. Remote / Car Alarm / Lantern.

4pc K2 Energy 12V 7Ah LiFEPO4 Batteries for Solar Wind Power Grid Systems. K2 Energy 12V 7Ah K2B12V7EB Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery with BMS 4 pack combo kit for 48V Applications. K2 Energy 12V 7Ah K2B12V7EB Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is the ultimate in weight versus power technology. This is a drop in replacement for your Lead-acid battery, and will require no change to your stock charging system.

It can be placed in electric scooters, bikes, UPS backup systems and wheelchairs anything that uses a sealed lead acid battery. LifePO4 contains no poisonous lead, no acid, and do not create gasses during charge, as traditional Lead-Acid batteries do. Compared to lead-acid, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are also extremely light, have much lower self-discharge, do not sulfate, and are environmentally friendly. Because of its light weight, safety, excellent thermal stability, good electrochemical properties and high specific capacity is this application of the material very well received.

K2 Energy 12V 7Ah K2B12V7EB Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery has a battery management system (BMS) in place. BMS keeps a check on the key operational parameters during charging and discharging such as voltages, currents, internal and ambient temperature. Battery Management Systems Main Objectives. Protect the cells or the battery from damage.

Prolong the life of the battery. Maintain the battery in a state in which it can fulfil the functional requirements of the application for which it was specified.

Collection of Voltage, Current and Temperature. Over Current, Over Volt, Temperature Protection. K2 Energy 12V 7Ah K2B12V7EB Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Specifications.

Height: 3.83in (97.3mm). Width: 2.53in (64.3mm).

Weight: 2.0lbs (0.9kg). K2 Energy 12V 7Ah K2B12V7EB Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Features. One fifth the weight of lead-acid batteries on average. Twice to four times the service life of lead-acid batteries. Drop-in replacement for your OEM battery.

No explosive gasses during charge, no lead, no acid. Max peak amperage draw of 24 amps continuous is the max. K2 Energy Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Applications.

Commercial bus and transit: E-car, E-bus, Golf troller/car, E-bike, Scooter, RV, AGV, Marine, Tourist car, Caravan, Wheel chair, E-truck, E-sweeper, Floor cleaner, E-walker etc. Razor Products: Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket (version 1-32), Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket (version 1-32), Razor Pocket Rocket (versions 7-26), Razor Ground Force Go Kart (version 13 and up), Razor Ground Force Drifter (version 1+), Razor Pocket Mod (Bistro, Betty, Vapor, Bella, etc)(versions 1-44), Razor Sport Mod (version 1+), Razor Dirt Quad (version 1+), Razor Dune Buggy (versions 1+). Razor dirt bikes, go karts, Pocket Mods, and other 4-wheelers.

Power tools: electric drills, toys. E-bikes, e-scooters, golf carts, solar applications, energy storage, robotics, electric wheelchairs, flash photography. Telecom base, CATV system, Computer Server center, Medical instrument, Military equipment. Security and electronics, Mobile POS, Mining light/Torch/LED light/Emergency light.

K2 Energy K2B12V7EB Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Contrast with Lead Acid Batteries. Long-run Cost: LifePO4 battery could work at 60? C, with long life 5-10 years. Smaller Space: 1/3 of the lead acid battery. Low Maintenance Cost: maintenance free, centralized monitoring and module installation also to reduce cost for transportation. Safety Cost: stable discharge platform to avoid equipment exception. Save Electricity Power: with same capacity, LiFePO4 battery is more powerful than lead acid battery, and could support longer. K2 Energy K2B12V7EB Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Safety Information. No risks by charging built-in security. No presence of toxic substances. Expected number of charge cycles 2000, 2000 flight day is almost endless. Unloads only 2% per month. K2 Energy 12V 4Ah K2C12V4A LiFePO4 Smart Charger: PART# K2C12V4A. K2 Energy 24V 2Ah K2C24V2A LiFePO4 Smart Charger: PART# K2C24V2A. Use special caution when working with secondary lithium cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode if mishandled. Protective Circuit Board is required when making packs. Make sure user has enough knowledge on secondary lithium rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use. Put the batteries in fire-proof container in charging. Never leave batteries unattended when charging. Do not put batteries on wood surface or carpet when charging. Department of Transportations CFR 49. Need more than one K2 Energy K2B12V7EB Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery?

Brand: K2 Energy Rechargeable: Yes Output Voltage: 12V Amperage: 7Ah Chemistry: LiFePO4 Length: 5.94" Height: 3.94" Width: 2.56. 8 ASTROMED SUPER RECORDER, ASTROMED RECORDER DASH I, I ASTROMED RECORDER DASH I, II ASTROMED RECORDER DASH II, II ASTROMED RECORDER MARK II, IV ASTROMED RECORDER DASH IV, Z 1000 GRAPHIC RECORDER AT&T / Lucent: 8000 B & B Battery: BP712, BP712T1, BP7512 BB Battery: BP7-12, BP7.5-12, BP8-12 BCI International: 58200A VITAL SIGNS MONITOR, 6100 MONITOR, 700 MONITOR, BC1270, VITAL SIGNS MONITOR Belkin: BU3DC000-12V, CHLORIDE / ONEAC DESK POWER 500, F6C1500-TW-RK, GXT1000MT, GXT1000RT, GXT1000RTE, GXT1500RT, GXT2000RT, GXT3000RT, GXT36VBATT, GXT48VBATT, GXT96VBATT, LIEBERT / EMERSON GXT700MT, PS1000MT, PS1000RM, PS1400MT, PS1400RM, PS700MT, PS700RM, PSA350, PSA470 Best Technologies: BAT0062, BAT0072, BAT0370, FORTRESS1050, LCR12V6.5BP1, LI660, SPS450VA Bio Medicus: 540 BLOOD PUMP Biz: B610 Blue Grotto: DIVING LIGHT, ES7212, LCR12V7, NP712, PS1270 Braun: T1100 (series 4 & after) Brentwood Instrument: 261 VPD DEFIBRILLATOR, VPD 261 DEFIBRILLATOR Briggs & Stratton: 497395, WHISPER LITE Brooks Equipment: BAT127 Bruno: Electra-Ride Elite, Stairlifts (Electra-Ride - all models) Burke: BIG BOY BED Calcy International: BP712 Cambell Hauser: CC2200 Card Key: D600 Cash Register Sales: 203031 NO LEADS Cash Register Specialists: BTP810 Casil/Chee Yuen Industries: CA1270 Chloride: 12V7.0AH Clary: UPS11251GR, UPS1125K1G, UPS1125K1GSBS, UPS1125K1GSBSR, UPS115K1G, UPS115K1GR, UPS115K1GSBS, UPS115K1GSBSR, UPS11K1G, UPS11K1GR, UPS11K1GSBSR, UPS125K1G, UPS1400VA1GSL, UPS1800VA1G, UPS1800VA1GR, UPS1800VA1GSBS, UPS1800VA1GSBSR, UPS1800VA1GSL, UPS800VA1GSBS Clockmate: PSLA1207 Codman: 263001, 500 CHART RECORDER, 500 RECORDER, CHART RECORDER 500 Conmed Bard: CPSH4305 POWER PACK SYSTEM, CPSH4322 POWER PACK SYSTEM, POWERPAK SYSTEM Country Home Products: 46LAWN MOWER, BRUSH MOWER, FIELD Critikon: 320319, 7300, 7300 CARDIAC, 7300 CARDIAC OUTPUT COMPUTER, 7350, 7350 CARDIAC, 7350 CARDIAC OUTPUT COMPUTER, CARDIAC 7300, CARDIAC 7350 CSB: GH1270, GP1265, GP1270, GP1270F2, GP1272, GP6512 Cutter Labs: 4000 INFUSION PUMP, 4088 Cyberpower: CP1200AVR, CP1285AVRLCD, CP1350AVRLCD, CP550SLG, CP685AVR, CP685AVRLCD, CPS650SL, CPS700AVR, OL1000RMXL2U, PP800SW Dallans: 4095 MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR Dallas Instruments: 744 TAPE, F44 TAPE SYSTEM, WWGS1245 CSB: GH1270, GP1265, GP1270, GP1270F2, GP1272, GP6512 Cutter Labs: 4000 INFUSION PUMP, 4088 Cyberpower: CP1200AVR, CP1285AVRLCD, CP1350AVRLCD, CP550SLG, CP685AVR, CP685AVRLCD, CPS650SL, CPS700AVR, OL1000RMXL2U, PP800SW Dallans: 4095 MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR Dallas Instruments: 744 TAPE, F44 TAPE SYSTEM, WWGS1245 Dantona: LEAD127 Deltec: PRA600 Dittmar: 741314 IV LIFTER, 741314 IV POWERLIFTER, IV POWERLIFTER 741314 Douglas: DG126, DG126.5, DG127, DG127F Dts: 12V 6.5AH, 12V 6.7, 400 1EA AAPA5001, 440 1EA AAPA5001, 500 1EA AAPA5001 Dual Lite: 12621, 12KSM6, 12LC2002, 12LSM110, DL712V, DL7S12V Dual-lite: LZ30D-12, LZ35D Dyna Cell: WP6.512, WP712 Dynavolt: 6FM65 Dyonics: 40, 40 ORTHOSCOPIC SURG, 60 ORTHOSCOPIC SURG, 85, 85 ORTHOSCOPIC SURG, ORTHOSCOPIC 40, ORTHOSCOPIC 85, ORTHOSCOPIC R60, R40, R60 ORTHOSCOPIC SURGICAL, R85, SURGICAL PWR UNITS Eagle Picher Batteries: CF12V45, CF12V5.5, CF12V5L, CF12V6, CF12V65, CF12V72, CFM12V65, CFM12V7 Edwards: 1212B065, 12V6.5, 1526, 1799118ST, 5759B060, ELITE, JC1260 Elk: ELK1270 ELS: EDS1270 Elsar: 148, 150, 16244, 16246, 16250, 23064, 2318, 434 Emergi-lite: 00, 00RE, 0RE, 1, 12JSM36, 12M9, 12M9CS, 80021, AGI5HP Emerson: 30, ACCUPOWER 30, AP161, AP166, AU1000, AU1000RE, AU1500, AU1500RE, AU2100RE, AU750, AU750RE, UPS1250, UPS200, UPS600 Empire: BNH1434, EPP1447, NP712 Epd: 500 ERC: 8101265 Exell: MP09371, PS1265, PS1270, UPS600, UPS600 PLUS Exide: 6V5K Fairstone Technologies: B0407, P1250, P1250X, P250, P250F, P500, P500F, P750 Fennex: FX2002 Ferno Mdt Corporation: 1600 LIFT CHAIR, 3000 LIFT CHAIR Fire Control Instruments: 1002311A, B7R Fisher: 212Z ISOTEMP FREEZER Frank Mobility: E-Fix (E19 Model) Gambro Engstrom: 9651 SCALE KEBO, SCALE 9651 KEBO Gamewell: 69113 Garden Way: 55295 General Power: GPS5006 General Scanning: R15 PORTABLE RECORDER Global Technology Systems: GTSRBC12, GTSRBC2, GTSRBC5, GTSRBC8, GTSRBC9 Gs: 12M4.5T, GC1270, PE12V6.5, PE12V6.5F1, PE12V7, PE12V72F1, PE12V9FZ, PE4512, PE4512A, PE612, PE6512, PE6512RF1, PE712RF1, PEA12V4.5F1, PX12072 GS / Portalac: PE12V7, PX12072 Haze: HZS12-7.5 Hitachi: GP6512, HP6512, HP712 Hoffman Laroche: 105 MONITOR, 108 MONITOR, 205 MONITOR, 7141 MICROMONITOR ECG MON, 7143 MICROMONITOR ECG MON, 7640 MICROGAS BLOODGAS MON, MICROGAS 7640 BLOODGAS MON, MICROMONITOR 7141 ECG MON, MICROMONITOR 7143 ECG MON, MONITOR 105, MONITOR 108, MONITOR 205 Homelite: HM20P5E HP (Hewlett Packard): M1700A ECG PAGEWRITER Hubbell: PE612 IBM: EATON / POWERWARE BEST 610, FORTRESS 1 LI 660, FORTRESS 1 LI 720 RACKMOUNT, FORTRESS 2 LI 250, FORTRESS 2 LI 520, FORTRESS 2 LI 720, FORTRESS 2 LI 720 RACKMOUNT, OP500, OP500AVR, OP500i, OP700, OP700AVR, OP700AVRi, OP700i, PATRIOT 305, PATRIOT PNP 920, PATRIOT PRO I, PATRIOT SPS 250 Imex Medical Systems: 7000 PVL Infrasonics: 1010 ADULT STAR VENTILATOR, 1500 ADULT STAR VENTILATOR Interstate Batteries: ASLA1075, PC1270, SLA1265, SLA1270, SLA1270GS, SLA1272, SLAA80108G, SPS500AT Invivo Research Inc: 1000 OMEGA BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR, 1100 OMEGA BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR, 1500 OMEGA 500 BLOOD PRESSURE, 1500 OMEGA 5000 BLOOD PRESSURE, 1600 OMEGA 500 BLOOD PRESSURE, 1600 OMEGA 5000 BLOOD PRESSURE, 500 OMEGA, OMEGA 500, OMEGA 500 BLOOD PRESSURE 1500, OMEGA 500 BLOOD PRESSURE 1600, OMEGA 5000 BLOOD PRESSURE 1500, OMEGA 5000 BLOOD PRESSURE 1600, OMEGA BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR 1000, OMEGA BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR 1100 Johnson Controls: GC1245, GC1260, GC12601, JC1260 Jolt: SA1272 Kelvinator Scientific: AUDIO ALARM Kesea: ADVENTURE BUGGY Kidde Inc.

1002310A Kontron: 004615, 105 MONITOR, 205 MONITOR, 7142 ECG MICROGAS MONITOR, 7142 MICROMONITOR ECG MONITOR, 7640 BLOODGAS MON, 7640 MICROGAS, COMBO SENSONR, MICROGAS 7640, MICROMONITOR 7142 ECG MONITOR Koyo: NP712 Kung Long: WP7-12, WP7.2-12 Laerdal: 1000 HEARTSTART TRAINING, 95 HEART AID, HEART AID 95, HEARTSTART 1000 TRAINING Leadman: UPS300, UPS500 Levo: LC Liebert: AP166 Life Science: LS5 MONITOR, VPD261 DEFIBRILLATOR Light Alarms: 8XJBRA, C18A6, LSM36, M10 Lintronics: LCR12V6.5P, MX12070, NP712 Long: WP6.512, WP712 MagLite: ASPIRATOR, GC1245, MLA1721I Marquette: 32132, 421559, DC612 Medasonics Inc. MEDACORD DOPPLER Medimex: 1500E MVP PORT VENTILATOR Medtronic: 200 BIOPACK, 540 BLOOD PUMP Mennon Medical: 700 PORTABLE MONITOR, 742 PORTABLE MONITOR, 865 MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR, 936 DEFIB, 936 MONITOR, 936 MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR, 936050010, 936S DEFIB, 936S MONITOR, 936S MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR, 965 MON/DEFIB, 965 MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR, CARDIAC OUTPUT MON, MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR 865, MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR 936, MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR 936S, MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR 965, PORTABLE MONITOR 700, PORTABLE MONITOR 742 Merich Batteries: 400, M1200, PE6512R, UPS400 Microups: 30 Minuteman: B00007, E1500, E15001, E750, E7501, EBP1 PACK, EBP3 PACK, MBK320, MBK3201, MBK520, MBK5201, MCP 10000, MCP 10001, MCP 1000RM E, MCP 2000IRM E, MCP 2000RM E, MCP 3000IRM E, MCP 3000RM E, MCP 6001, MCP 700IRM E, MCP BP1000, MCP BP1000RM, MCP BP2000, MCP BP2000RM, MCP BP3000, MCP BP3000RM, MCP BP5000, MCP BP7000, MCP1000 E, MCP1000I E, MCP1000IRM E, MCP2000 E, MCP2000I E, MCP3000 E, MCP3000I E, MCP5000I E, MCP6000, MCP700 E, MCP7000I E, MCP700I E, MCP700RM E, PRO 320, PRO 3201, PRO 520, PRO 5201, XRT600 MK / East Penn: ES7-12 Moose: B1260 Napco Alarms: PWPS1242, RBAT4, RBAT6 National: CO6A National Power: GT026P4 National Power Corp: GT026P4 Newark: 87F637, 96F990, JC1265, NP712 Newmax: FNC1270, FNC1270A Norand: 105 MONITOR, 108 MONITOR, 205 MONITOR, 7141 MICROMONITOR ECG MON, 7143 MICROMONITOR ECG MON, 7640 MICROGAS BLOODGAS MON, MICROGAS 7640 BLOODGAS MON, MICROMONITOR 7141 ECG MON, MICROMONITOR 7143 ECG MON, MONITOR 105, MONITOR 108, MONITOR 205 North American Drager: 2A ANESTHESIA MACHINE, 2B ANESTHESIA MACHINE, 3 ANESTHESIA MACHINE, 3B ANESTHESIA MACHINE, ANESTHESIA MACHINE 2A, ANESTHESIA MACHINE 2B, ANESTHESIA MACHINE 3, ANESTHESIA MACHINE 3B, ANESTHESIA MACHINE B, B ANESTHESIA MACHINE North Supply: 782073, 782365, S782068, S782073, S7882073 Notifier: 5107, 680, 712, PE612, PE6512, PE712 OEC Medical Systems: 85 POWER UNIT Ohio Medical Product: 5000 OXIMETER, OXIMETER 5000 Oneac: 1300, 1BP107, 1BP207, 1BP407, 1BP607, 2000, 350059, 400XR, 600, 900, BT, BT2PAC, BT4PAC, ON1300, ON1300XRA, ON2000, ON2000XRA, ON400XR, ON400XRA, ON600, ON600XRA, ON900, ON900XRA, ONEBP107, ONEBP207, ONEBP407, ONEBP607, UP1103 Opti-ups: 280ES, 350VS, 500VS, 800PS Optronics: A5712 Pace: 300 MINIPACK, 3000 MINIPACK, 3100 MINIPACK, 800+ VITALMAX, MINIPACK 300, MINIPACK 3000, MINIPACK 3100, PS1270, VITALMAX 800 + Panasonic: BT2007P, LC-127R2P, LC-R127R2P, LCR126R5PG, LCR127R2CHI, LCR127R2P1, LCR127R2PU2, LCR12V6.5, LCR12V6.5BP1, LCR12V6.5P, LCR12V6.5PBP, LCR12V65BP, LCR12V7.2P, LCR12V72P1, LCR4512P, LCR6012PF, PCR129P1, PM1270, VB2650, VB42050, VB43130 Parasystems: 1000, 1200, 250, 3000CP, 300SS, 600SS, A300, A425, A750, AT650 Power Equipment: FIELD, PM127 Power Source: 1235 Power Star: GB1265 Power Tank: MX12070 Powersonic: PC1270, PS-1270, PS1235, PS1245, PS1260, PS1265, PS1270F1 Powertron: H1X6XST, PE712RF1 Prism: GH1270 Protection One: BT0003N, BT1053N Pyrotronics: 175085054 Quantum: ES6512 R&D: 5383, 5390, 5505, 5549 Radionics: 8012, 8100, D126, D12612V Remco: SLA1075 Rico: ASPIRATOR, GC1245 Safe Power: 650, S300, SM650 Saft: 47319101000, 47786101000, BLOOD FLOW MONITOR, PB1260, PHYSIOLOGICAL MON. 5KVA OPT Trio: Lighting TL930035 Tripp Lite: 360SX, AVR750U, AVRX750U, BC 250, BC 400, BC250/230, BC325, BCINTERNET450, BCINTERNET500, BCINTERNET550, BCINTERNET675, BCPERS450, BCPERS500, BCPRO1400, BCPRO250, BCPRO600, BCPRO675, BCPROINT675, G1000U, HT1500UPS, HT850UPS, HTR10-2U, HTR15-2U, HTR22-2U, HTR22-3U, INTERNET500I, INTERNET700I, INTERNET750U, INTERNETOFFICE450, INTERNETOFFICE500, INTERNETOFFICE700, IO700NAFTA, OMNI1000ISO, OMNI1500XLNAFA, OMNI300NAFTA, OMNI500ISO, OMNI650LCD, OMNI750ISO, OMNI900LCD, OMNIPRO1400, OMNIPRO450, OMNIPRO675, OMNISMART1400, OMNISMART1400PNP, OMNISMART300, OMNISMART300PNP, OMNISMART450PNP, OMNISMART500, OMNISMART500PNP, OMNISMART675, OMNISMART675PNP, OMNISMART700, OMNISMARTINT1400, OMNISMARTINT500, OMNISMARTINT700, OMNIVS1000, OMNIVS1500, OMNIVS1500XL, OMNIVS800, OMNIVSINT1500XL, OMNIVSINT800, POS500, PS4.5, PS6.0, PS8.0, SM1000RMNAFTA, SM1500NAFTA, SM1500RMNAFTA, SM1500XLNAFTA, SM2200RMNAFTA, SM3000RMNAFTA, SM500RMNAFTA, SM550UNAFTA, SM750UNAFTA, SM750XLNAFTA, SMART1000LCD, SMART1000RM2U, SMART1050SLT, SMART1050XLNET, SMART1200XLHG, SMART1400, SMART1400NET, SMART1400RM2U, SMART1400RMXL2U, SMART1400XL, SMART1500, SMART1500CRMXL, SMART1500RM2U, SMART1500RMXL2U, SMART1500RMXL2UA, SMART1500SLT, SMART1500XL, SMART2200CRMXL, SMART2200RM2U, SMART2200RMXL2U. 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2pc K2 Energy 12V 7Ah LiFEPO4 Batteries with 1 K2 Energy 24V Charger. K2 Energy K2C24V2A 24V 2Ah LiFePO4 Smart Charger with 2 Pin SAE Plugs. K2 Energy 12V 7Ah LiFEPO4 Battery for Razor Scooters City Grids Security, Solar.

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  • Brand: K2 Energy
  • Type: Battery
  • Voltage: 12
  • Chemical Composition: LiFePO4
  • Amp Hours: 7
  • Battery Size: Custom
  • Application: Low Drain Devices
  • MPN: K2B12V7EB_4
  • Amperage: 7
  • Chemistry: LiFePO4
  • Color: Green
  • Diameter: 2.56
  • Output Voltage: 12

4pc K2 Energy 12V 7Ah LiFEPO4 Batteries for Solar Wind Power Grid Systems