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6000W Complete Solar Panel Kit Solar Power Generator 100A Home 110V Grid System

6000W Complete Solar Panel Kit Solar Power Generator 100A Home 110V Grid System

6000W Complete Solar Panel Kit Solar Power Generator 100A Home 110V Grid System

200W Solar Panel 6000W Power Inverter Kit 12V DC 100A Battery Charger Controller. The solar panel adopts industrial-grade main control chip, with high conversion rate, high stability and good durability. The controller has a large-screen LCD display, and the charging and discharging parameters are adjustable, it can be used in any place such as automobiles, homes, boat, motorcycles, etc.

Complete 3-stage PWM charge management, the solar panel with high conversion rate of about 24% charges fast in the direct strong sunlight. Built-in overcurrent/short circuit protection, open circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, all are self-recovery type, do not damage the controller. Dual MOS anti-backflow circuit, ultra-low heat generation, equipped with advanced polyethylene coating technology, scratch-resistant, non-foaming and easy to clean. Open circuit voltage: 18V, 5V. Product size: 285(L)280(W)mm/11.211inch.

1x Cable (male and female). 1x Controller (not included battery). 5000W High Power Inverter: Provides 1000W corrected sine wave power and 5000W peak power, Convert DC 12V battery power to standard AC 110V. (Please make sure your device is at 1000W rated power supply)?

3-in-1 Socket: The car inverter has 3 AC output power sockets and 4 USB ports, it can be inserted into three large-sized plugs at the same time for multi-purpose charging, is very convenient. Built-in Cooling Fan and Multiple Protections: Built-in 50A fuses to protect your equipment, this power inverter has overvoltage, overload, undervoltage, overheating, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection. High Standard Product: The car inverter has an LED smart display, can check the voltage and power status at any time, Passed CE, FCC, ROHS certification, and the conversion efficiency is greater than 95%. Widely Used: Compatible with most electrical appliances, can be used for home electricity, office electricity, cars, electric vehicles, etc. And also suitable for vacation, work, travel, indoor or outdoor emergencies.

Color: rose red Material: aluminum alloy Rated power: 1000W Peak power: 5000W Input voltage: DC 12V Output voltage: AC 110V Output frequency: 50Hz Output waveform: modified sine wave No load loss. 90.5% Low voltage range:<9.6V Low voltage shutdown: 10V±2V Temperature protection: 55? Fuse: 50A USB power supply: 5V/2A Digital display: display Operating temperature: -15?

Product size:21.7(L)10(W)5.7(H)cm/ 1 x Power Inverter 1 x Cigarette Plug Cable 1 x Battery Clip (red wire/black wire) 1 x Packing Box. 3000W High Power Inverter: Provides 420 Watts continuous modified sine wave power and 3000 Watts peak power. 4000W High Power Inverter: Provides 700 Watts continuous modified sine wave power and 4000 Watts peak power. 6000W High Power Inverter: Provides 900 Watts continuous modified sine wave power and 6000 Watts peak power.

LCD display display: Show input / output voltage, battery capacity, load capacity. Easy to know the battery status:full, normal or empty. Easy to know the loads capacity.

Built-in cooling fan & Multiple Protections: 2 Built-in 50A fuses to protect your device. This power inverter has over voltage, overload, over-current, under-voltage, overheating, short circuit protection, polarity reverse protection function. High standard product:Pass CE and FCC, ROSH certification with Great High efficiency: conversion efficiency > 95%. Widely use: For charging lamp, Fan, Printer, Computer, LCD TV, Hair Drier, Electric Hand Drill, Non-laser Printer, Heater, Dust Cleaner, Juice Extractor, Rice Cooker and etc. Also Ideal for use on vacations, work trips, indoor or outdoors for emergency.

Color: Black - Material: Aluminum Alloy - Socket Style: Universal Socket - Peaks Power: 3000W 4000W 6000W - Input Vottage: 12V/24V - Output Voltage: 100-130V 60Hz/200-240V 50Hz - USB Output: DC5V 4.8A -Output waveform:Modified sine wave. 1x Power Inverter 1 Pair of Batery Cable 1x Cigarette Lighter Cable 1x User Manual.

100% brand new and high-quality made. Waterproof surface along with LED charging light. Portable and frame design fit for outdoor and indoor usage.

Slim & Light design with 0.59inch thickness. Equipped with solar energy and efficient solar charger circuit. Comes with environmental protection and energy inexhaustible. Color:Camouflage Material:PET Size:4.1370.59inch Quantity:1pcs Type:Solar Panel Power Source: Solar Application:Agriculture/Farming, Automotive, Back-up Power, Camping/Hiking, Electronics, Home/Garden, Marine. Big LCD display, all adjustable controlling parameter of the system. Fully 4-stage PWM charge management. Build-in all necessory protections including short-circuit protection, open-circuit protection, reverse protection, over-load protection. Dual mosfet Reverse current protection, low heat production.

MENU:Switch between different display, or to enter/exit setting by long press. UP: Press to increase value. DOWN:Press to decrease value. Connect the battery to the charge regulator - plus and minus.

Connect the photovoltaic module to the regulator - plus and minus. Connect the consumer to the charge regulator - plus and minus. The reverse order applies when deinstalling! An improper sequence order can damage the controller!

Press the [Down] button to ON/OFF load manully at main display. The work mode is working as below.

[1-23H] load on after sunset and closed after setting hours. Batteries:Only fit for OPEN, AGM, GEL.

The charge regulator is only suitable for, regulating solar modules Never connect another charging source to the charge regulator. Please make sure your battery has enough voltage for the controller to recognize the battery type before first installation. Max Solar input(Solar Panel):36V(24V battery) 18V(12V battery).

Max input power: 390W(12V system); 780W(24V system). Equalization:12.6V(sealed) 14.2V(Gel) 14.6V(flood). Float charge:13.7V(defaul, adjustable), 12.0-15.0V. Discharge stop voltage:10.7V(defaul, adjustable), 9.0-11.5V.

Discharge reconnect voltage:12.5V(defaul, adjustable), 11.0-13.0V. Max input power: 650W(12V system); 1300W(24V system). 1 x Solar Charge Controller.

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6000W Complete Solar Panel Kit Solar Power Generator 100A Home 110V Grid System