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6000W Inverter Solar Panel Kit Solar Power Generator 100A Home 110V Grid System

6000W Inverter Solar Panel Kit Solar Power Generator 100A Home 110V Grid System

6000W Inverter Solar Panel Kit Solar Power Generator 100A Home 110V Grid System

Set 1: 6000W Peak Power Inverter+200W Solar Panel Set. Set 2: 4000W Peak Power Inverter+200W Solar Panel Set.

Set 3: 3000W Peak Power Inverter+200W Solar Panel Set. A: only 200W Solar panel kit.

B1: only 6000W Peak Power Inverter. B2: only 4000W Peak Power Inverter. B3: only 3000W Peak Power Inverter. Scratch resistant, non foaming, easy to clean.

It is semi flexible and can be bent properly to use a wider range of applications. Light weight, easy to carry.

High conversion rate and high yield. High stability and good durability. High conversion efficiency, good output efficiency, low light efficiency, light weight, easy to carry and strong applicability. With advanced polyethylene coating technology, the battery surface is coated with dark blue reflective film, which is uniform and beautiful in color.

Strong resistance, can resist different environments, good waterproof performance. All positive and negative electrodes are made of high quality silver paste with high welding strength and low series resistance.

First, face the sun with a solar panel, and a red light on the back indicates that the current output is normal. Fix the suction cup on the windshield or other positions where sunlight is easy to shine, and the absorption effect will be better. You can also put it on the workbench in front of the dashboard.

No-load voltage: 20.8V DC. Battery panel specification: high-efficiency monocrystalline board. Size: 11.3 x 11.3 inches. 1x cable (male and female). 900W / 650W / 350W rated power.

InverterDC 12V to AC 110V. Not Applicable forAir Conditioners, Refrigerators and Microwave Ovens. If You Use an Air Conditioner, Refrigerator or Microwave Oven, Please Choose Our Pure Sine Wave Series Inverters.

The Start Power of some Appliances Will Be 3-7 Times Higher than Constant Power, Such As Fridge, Icebox, Drill, Washing Machine, Water Pump, Microwave Oven, Oven, Vacuum Cleaner, Hair Dryer, Etc. Please Make Sure the Constant Power of Our Inverter Meets Your Need Before Order, or Consult Us for More Details.

So your appliance must be under 900W / 650W / 350W. Great for Caming, Trip, Outdoor, Car, Trailer, House, Outdoor.

Easy to carry and environmentally friendly: With aluminum alloy shell sturdy, it is light and best for applying in cars. Its solar system makes it save energy. Safety Protection Function: With smart design, it has many functions: reverse polarity protection, low input voltage? Protection, high input voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection (60°C), overload protection, internal fuses.

Easy and clear to input and see output voltage: It is modified sine wave with dual LED digital display of input and output voltage. Using the metal wire-drawing and electroplating technology, it comes with a noble black shell and high cooling efficiency.

The inverter can convert DC12 to AC 110V. Brand New Modified Sine Wave Inverter Dc to Ac. Output Waveform : Modified Sine Wave. Led Display : Inpput & Output Voltage. Rated Power : 900W / 650W / 350W.

Socket Style:US plug for 110V. Protection : Overload, Short Circuit, Overtemp, Under/over Voltage. Cooling Fans : Run All the Time. 2x Alligator Clip Battery Cables.
6000W Inverter Solar Panel Kit Solar Power Generator 100A Home 110V Grid System